Video Poker

Video poker, while it may share a name with Poker, is completely different. There are some similarities, for example, each share the same standard poker hand ratings. However, in video poker, you are playing against the machine rather than opponents. Video poker requires thinking, strategy and preparation to be successful. This makes it challenging and exciting like regular poker is.

How Video Poker Began

Video Poker began around the time slots machines were invented. In the past, video poker didn’t offer jackpots or financial gain. Winners would receive a free drink, or a pack of cigarettes. The earlier video poker machines operated similarly to slots machines. You’d spin the reels, and card symbols would form your 5-card hand. The first “real” video poker machines appeared in 1970, and though it didn’t get big then, it is certainly a growing form of play online. In 1979, technology was more advanced and Draw Poker was released. These games didn’t rely on spinning wheels, rather than were high tech and greatly enhanced player’s experiences with Video Poker.

Rules of Video Poker

Your starting hand, consisting of 5 cards, is chosen at random by the Video Poker software or machine. When you have your first hand, you need to devote a bit of thinking and determine the hand types that you want to get. The site should have a list of the hands that can win, though the harder the hand, and the higher the payout. The amount you win is based on how many moves it takes you to achieve the desired hand. As you make your draws, the software subtracts the moves from the final winning sum. For example, if you want to go for a triple, and you acquire it in one hand, the one move is subtracted from the prize money. Some video poker games have wild cards that can be used as any card, giving you a better chance at a winning hand. Others accept the use of Joker cards. As with most card games, there are progressive jackpots in video poker. It may require an entry fee, and you typically need to get the hardest hand with the fewest moves.

Tips for New Video Poker Players

As a general rule of thumb, always familiarize yourself with the standard hand rankings. It’s important to remember these, as they influence and affect your abilities as a player. Realize that you can take as much time as you need: you’re not playing against other people; you’re playing against a machine! Start yourself off with simple, free video poker games to get familiar with the way it works and the way you need to think as you play. Never confuse video poker with regular poker. They share some common grounds, however they are entirely different in terms of strategy and mindset. As you continue to play, you’ll become smarter about the best hands and be able to strategize on the spot. Always be prepared to lose a little as you get started, but you can win it back as you continue to learn.