In the United States, it’s well within a citizens constitutional rights to take part in gaming activity in an online casino. However, many online casino providers have pulled away from the US gambling markets since UIGEA was passed in 2006. In the US, each state has its own gambling laws, as they are permitted to do business as they see fit, and many have termed it legal. Legalization of gambling has improved the nation’s health economically, and exponentially since the first developments. In regards to taxation, there have been attempts to increase revenue without raising taxes, and US citizens frequently see low taxing on their gambling income.

While social gambling is legalized in all but three states, there are 20 states that have opted to legalize commercial gambling. Among these states are Delaware, Michigan, Puerto Rico, West Virginia and Colorado. With the increase in legal commercial casinos, 354,000 jobs were opened and the nation pooled $5.2 billion through taxes in 2006. As the nation begins to realize that the gambling industry has great revenue potential, many laws are likely to change and it should become legal on a federal level. While many states have opened their eyes, others still look at commercial gambling and racetrack betting as illegal. They have, however, legalized gambling for charities, including Texas, Vermont and Nevada. Some groups feel that the activity will increase corruption and crime rates, making it difficult to garner full support for legalization.

The UIEGA, passed in 2006, specifically makes it illegal for businesses to accept payments that are meant for bets or wagers online. The law excludes a few certain activities, such as legal intrastate lotteries, inter-tribal games and fantasy sports that meet certain requirements. The act encouraged foreign governments to aid in preventing gambling sites to be used for crimes, and it adds that it holds financial institutions and ISPs liable if they are discovered operating an illegal gambling site.

Games in the States

Within the United States, one can find access to a wide variety of games through membership online casinos or physical ones. While the more “hardcore” games aren’t permitted, such as poker or horseracing, others are plentiful. You can enjoy slots, progressive slots, let’em ride, pai gow, video poker, roulette and Texas Hold’Em. Many of these sites have memberships fees that must be paid out annually, monthly or every half-year. Fees can be anywhere from $50 to $500. Your winnings are counted as normal income, and is subject to taxing in the same way you would file for taxes for any other job.

Although it can be difficult to find an online casino that accepts and welcomes US players, there are options available. You can still enjoy the exciting, fast-paced betting systems and gambling games that you’ve been craving. To find a reputable, US serving online casino or gaming operator, you simply need to look around, read reviews and find sites that have been well established. Make sure they take payments that are common for your area, such as Chase or Capital One.
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