The Canadian government was the first one to legalize, and provide a license for, an online casino provider. Canada chose to do so to provide their citizens with better options, and give online casinos an incentive to provide benefits, good products, excellent service and optimal software. Each providence currently governs its own online casinos by its own rule, and thus, there are no clear and set laws or legislations about online casino gambling. However, there hasn’t been a single person or operation that has gotten into legal trouble for online gambling. When choosing an online casino in Canada, many recommend choosing a website that isn’t hosted or based in Canada.

Canada has a code called the Criminal Code. It is a detailed outline that determines in what scenario online gambling would be illegal. These areas are highlighted in the code, however there has yet to be anyone who has been charged with the crime of online gambling. While several years ago the Attorney General decided that Indian reservations couldn’t host poker rooms and online casinos, there were never any charges pressed and these servers continue to operate today.

Canadian law and US law differ on a few different aspects when it comes to online gambling sites. In the United States, they don’t grant rights to the websites that offer online gambling games. However, in Canada, providences hold the ability to license and allow online casinos. They determine the rules, taxation and other requirements for an online casino to meet. Currently, Canadian law allows sports betting to be done on 3 or more matches. Citizens are not permitted to place bets on a single match, however there is attempts in progress to remove or alter the restriction to allow single sporting event bets. When it comes to poker, there are a number of online sites, though none are hosted in Canada. There aren’t any laws that prohibit Canadians from taking part in online gambling.

When it comes to paying taxes on your earnings, there is typically no need to. Canadian law follows the same ideals of the UK and Ireland’s taxation. The Canadian government only requires a tax to be paid on winnings that are the citizen’s primary source of income. If you don’t gamble as a professional, anything you win is simply a stroke of good luck and isn’t taxed.
Regulators in Canada

Each providence regulates the online casinos in the area. They provide the restrictions, legalization and licensing of any online casino operation. They are also the ones who step in if the online casino site has made a mistake, is having trouble or needs a little extra assistance. Kahnawake Gaming Commission is based in Canada. They regulate and govern themselves, though the company runs servers not only in Canada but worldwide. Overall, online gambling in Canada isn’t prohibited, and in fact can be a lucrative, tax-free way of earning additional income. Always do your research, and make sure that each site you consider trying out has the required licensing.