Bingo is a game that brings elderly women and men chatting and winning together, however it is also a game that many people have played as children for fun. The first online bingo games were brought to us in 1996 by Bingo Zone, which was quickly followed by Uproar in 1998. It was a big hit, and was able to avoid the attempts to quell online gambling because it was considered a lottery that just happened to be played as a game. Most websites typically use a generator to produce random numbers for the game, and they encourage chat between players through a chat function. It’s a highly social game, and it can often help to get to know the other players.


The basic rules of bingo are simple to grasp, though there are other types of Bingo that have different or additional rules. Always check the website’s rules before you jump in to play! Each player purchases a bingo ticket that is marked with 24 numbers that span over a 5×5 grid. Each column corresponds to the letters above them that spell out Bingo in all capitals. There is typically a “free space” at the center of the grind in the N column. The game’s generator will “call out” each number, which you mark on your card with a dabber. There is typically a winning pattern, which can be a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, or more complicated, such as full house, a symbol, a digit or a letter. The winner of the game can be one or several players who get the winning pattern.

The way the card’s numbers are chosen is completely random every time. The column marked B has random numbers between 1 and 15. The second column, I, is marked between 16 and 30, while N, the ‘free space’ one, is between 31 and 45. G has the numbers between 46 and 60, and O takes the numbers between 61 and 75.

Strategies to Improve

Since bingo is essentially all about luck and chance, you’ll have to simply aim to improve your chances of winning. The first suggestion many players have is to purchase multiple cheap cards. It gives you many more chances to win if you buy a lot of them. Be wary of purchasing the jackpot bingo games, as while they offer a higher payout, they are considerably more expensive. Always participate in the chat; it can help you learn a lot about improving your jackpot chances.

If you choose to play 75 or 90 ball, make sure to thoroughly learn the differences in the games. Knowing the game well can greatly enhance your chance of winning. If you’re able, try to play earlier in the day. There will be fewer people, and thus, less competition for the pot. You can practice your gaming skills, while increasing your potential to win. Finally, never pay above the predetermined money. It’s rare to win the jackpot, much less to frequently win it. Remember that everything is random.