New Zealand

New Zealand Casinos allows their citizens to partake in online gambling sites that aren’t based in New Zealand. That’s primarily because currently no online casinos are allowed to operate there. Over the course of the years, new types of gambling activities have become legalized and encouraged across the nation. New Zealand gambling is tightly controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs, who work to ensure that all forms of public gambling return a portion to their communities. Overall, the regulations for online gambling is vague, though it is definitively legal for the citizens of New Zealand to partake in online gambling with international providers.

From 1921 to 1961, bookmaking was completely illegal. This meant that placing bets on horseraces, or other races, had to occur at the course before it began. Now, anyone can place bets before and during the race online! The first national lotteries began in 1933, called ‘art unions’. They offered relatively low prizes, until the implementation of Instant Kiwi scratch cards, Keno and Big Wednesday. Online gambling has been around since 2008.

According to New Zealand law, the player is not held liable for playing at online casinos based internationally. One can’t be prosecuted for it. Any winnings made from gambling or making bets is considered not taxable. Like many governments, New Zealand views gambling winnings are a reward for good luck, rather than a source of income. Many players in New Zealand play online casino games as a hobby rather than a profession. The New Zealand Racing Board is the only provider for sports betting, particular racing and other sports. They are authorized through TAB, which is the Totalizator Agency Board. However, international sports betting services fall into the same category, and is more than capable of taking bets from New Zealanders. When it comes to poker, the same laws are in place for online rooms as with online casinos, making it neither illegal nor prohibited.

Current gambling laws don’t allow casino providers to operate from within New Zealand, though international casinos and providers can advertise and offering their games and services to citizens. One of the great things about international casinos is that you have a wider variety of options, from types of games to currency choices. You can play with others from your country that speak the same language, and you can fund or cash out with your local currencies. Most websites will offer their customers special discounts, prizes, bonuses and promotional offers for their loyalty, or even simply for signing up. You can test them out by playing free games, generally with free cash given by the company for your first hour of playing.
Gambling in New Zealand

Online gambling in New Zealand can be a fun, exciting experience. Citizens don’t have to worry about paying taxes on their winnings, nor do they have to remain within the country’s lines to gamble online. Many international online casinos allow their clients to manage and maintain their accounts, regardless of their location.