Blackjack, occasionally referred to as simply ‘21’, is one of the most popular casino games available, both online and off. In order to fully understand the game, you need to learn the rules, strategies and techniques that can contribute to winning more frequently. The best way to become a better player, once you know the rules, is to practice with free online blackjack games and get to know the game better. Blackjack has a wide variety of variations that can come with their own specific set of rules, however there is a basic outline that all games of Blackjack follow.

History of Blackjack

Blackjack didn’t reach the states until after the French Revolution. It’s believed to have originated in France, where there was a similar card game called Vingt-en-Un, or 21. The game had similar rules, and the same plot. While other games existed in Europe, the French game exhibited the same qualities and goals. When Blackjack reached America, it went up in popularity until gambling was outlawed. People played it in underground casinos until gambling was legalized and Vegas erected. Ever since, people have been playing, gambling and enjoying this classic game. It wasn’t long before people began to become professionals, and card counting was discovered. It is much harder to use card counting to win these days.

The Basic Rules of Blackjack

The basic rules of blackjack are almost always the same, no matter where you go. You and a dealer face off. While there may be Players other than you, you aren’t up against them. The game is always played against the dealer. The end goal of the game is to reach 21 points with just 2 cards, or at least as few as possible. The cards all have their own point amounts. The number cards are worth what’s printed on them, while face cards are worth 10 points each. Ace can be either 1 or 11, depending on what the Player chooses. If the player reaches 21 points with 2 cards, they win. However, if the dealer gets 21 as well, then it’s a tie and nobody wins.

Special Rules

In some games, there are rules that allow you to split your hand. By splitting your hand, you can form 2 or even more hands. When you make more hands, you can often double up what you’ve bet in order to make some extra money if you win. However, in many cases, if a 21 is reached after a split, it’s counted a “real Blackjack”. While the rules are not complex, you need to fully understand each game’s specific rules in order to play for money.

Strategies and Tips

You can win more frequently if you take lessons from your mistakes during games. First, set up strategies for yourself. Decide if you’ll draw more cards, or rest on the hand that you have from the start. Learn blackjack as well as possible before you start playing for real. Practice blackjack on free online versions, and always use your blackjack bonuses to play more games.